Flat Tax

I am a staunch supporter of a flat tax.  A real flat tax, that it.  Herman Cain’s first of three nines is a step in the right direction, but he still wants exemptions and reductions for those living and/or working in empowerment zones.  Rick Perry’s simple 1040 postcard is also a valiant effort, but he is offering this as a second option to the traditional way of filing with the IRS.  I want to go the whole nine yards and have one flat percentage rate for all Americans from the part-time minimum wage employee to the multi-billionaire.  Do this, you will both collect plenty of tax dollars and save the government money as there is no need for the IRS to continue to exist.  You simply set the withholdings of every American to the exact percentage rate and have the withholdings electronically transferred directly to the United States Treasury.  At the end of the year, everyone is paid in full.  No one could commit fraud if they tried, ensuring the federal government will always collect the exact proper amount of income tax to the penny.  And with no need for a dedicated bureaucracy to oversee the operation of income tax collection, the money saved on salaries and benefits for IRS employees, not to mention the paper we save by not having to print forms (also great for the saving trees and the environment), we are headed for a massive reduction in debt.  With all due respect for median and lower wage earners, let me remind you that according to The Bible, if you earn a dime a week, you are supposed to give a penny a week to The Lord and live on nine cents a week (tithe).  Kudos to Mr. Cain for asking the federal income tax to be one percent less than the Lord.


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